Social Desk Lamp, with Spark Core and IFTTT

Following on from our article on Spark’s new product, the Electron, we’ve been busy creating a quick prototype with their existing product, the Spark Core. Combined with a 12V RGB led strip we want to demonstrate what’s possible with a Spark Core and the ‘If This Then That’ service.

A cheap IKEA lamp has been completely stripped to give space for the Spark Core and the led lights. The lamp is connected to the Internet and to the Spark Cloud where the Core receives function calls from IFTTT. The lamp works as a regular desk lamp but blinks red a couple of times when a Google email is received, blue when there’s a new Facebook notification, light blue at each new Twitter mention and green when a photo on Instagram has been liked:


The circuit is simple: power is supplied from a 12V adaptor to the LED strip which is then regulated to 5V for the Core. The three 2N7000 transistors are used to switch 12V for each colour with the 3.3V logic level signal from the Core.


This signal can set the LEDs to 256 different brightness values which means over 16 million different colour for the lamp. Plenty for any project!